Shannon L

June 20th, 2015 @ Lacamas Creek

Untitled photo

I was lucky enough to photograph Shannon at Lacamas Creek, a location I've been wanting to photograph portraits at for a very long time. Perhaps for as long as I've had a DSLR, yet I've never had anyone either want photographs there or lived way too far away. The location is a moderately difficult one to shoot at; I've had issues with light in the past shooting landscape shots here, and portraits  offered it's own variety of lighting struggles.

The biggest issue with shooting in the woods is going to be available light. I have to shoot earlier in the afternoon than I normally would, which means the sun can burst through the trees and cause blown out highlights (see above .. but hey, sometimes it just works).

Another issue is a green cast caused by sun filtering through leaves. With modern technology it's not that big of a deal, but some areas can go unnoticed and you get this weird green shadow covering parts of photos.

This photoshoot was also one of the first times I bothered bringing off-camera-flash to an outdoor setting like this.  I would normally just use available light, however the flash and box I had setup really let me capture some more dynamic photos (especially with the monochromes!) 

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