Portland 6/14/15

Portland is an awesome city, Portland at sunset is an even awesomeer city (if Shakespeare and make up new words, so can I.) I'm a little embarrassed to say that, as a photographer living in Portland, I'v never photographed Portland at sunset before. 

I shot these all on the East Bank Esplanade, starting out by the Oregon Symphony or Opera, whatever it is, and walked to Burnside. The photos right on the water are taken at the docks on the East Bank, it's a floating wooden dock that sticks out into the river. I'm not entirely sure what the actual purpose of it is, some crazy people were swimming off of it, and it's clearly a popular first date spot.

I intended to do some really long exposures down there, but I really couldn't. I actually couldn't do a long exposure anywhere, not even on dry land, the wind was so strong it was causing the camera to shake. If it shakes even a tiny bit, you'll notice the slight blur -- the image just won't be as sharp as it should. Anyways, scroll on down and enjoy the photos!

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