Larch Mountain 6/09/15

You really can't beat the view from Larch Mountain, specifically from Sherrard Point, the viewing platform built at the top of this ancient volcano. From the top you can view Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Rainier. That's a lot of volcanos! 

I try to make it up to Larch Mountain on days that I know there will be clouds and/or a stunning sunset. This day I was certain the sunset was going to be amazing! It sucked. No color at all, I ended up leaving when I saw the clouds vanishing and the hills fill with haze and fog; all signs of a poor sunset. 

I ended up stopping at the Women's Forum on my way home. This is a little overlook that has views of the Vista House and the Gorge.  While driving I could see the setting sun streaming through the haze into the Gorge and thought, yeah, I need a photo of this!  

Scroll down and view some of the photos from this little trek to Larch Mountain - You can also click on an image you love and buy it (blue buy button!) if you're looking for some new art for your home or office, you won't find better landscapes anywhere. Yes I'm a little biased. :) 

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