Addilyn Newborn 6/06/15

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I got to meet Addilyn today! There was ample time to prepare - and worry - about photographing Addilyn, I did Audrey and Trevor's maternity photos a few months back at the Woodburn Tulip Fields.  Here's a preview of that session, it's pretty amazing that Addilyn was the end result here:

It's probably not a surprise that such good looking people made this absolutely adorable baby girl.

So.. the photo session. Let me just say that newborn photography is not really my "thing." I consider myself a "portrait" photographer, that is, I take exceptionally good close-in portraits of people. Newborn photography is this whole other realm of photography that can be very difficult, with so many variables, and sometimes plain old luck is needed. 

This was only the second newborn session I've done. I took the lessons I learned from the first time, which was a disaster, and employed them here. I made sure I brought my lights, a softbox, a wider lens and a longer lens, and really just had more patience.  

It helps a photographer out tremendously when the parents are enthusiastic, bring their own ideas and have their own vision. As well as an understanding that babies are babies, and sometimes things don't go as planned. And sometimes they go exceptionally well.

Here are some other photos from this session, enjoy!

Audrey & Trevor with Addilyn

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