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Hello! Welcome to my "Productions" page.

This is the instructions for the galleries, skip on down to see the photos. 

Here you will find links, folders, galleries and most importantly my "events" for all the ballet academies and companies I shoot for. Anything sanctioned for an academy or company is placed here, while portraiture is placed HERE - trying to keep things separated as it's getting just a little cluttered.

A bit of information on how files are laid out and how files are delivered - particularly for academies. 

First and foremost while an event is active it's linked under the "Recent and Upcoming Shows" - this is how this folder works.. pay attention now, it seems to confuse everyone.

Step 1. There is a folder for the event. Click it. It goes to your academies folder for the entire production. 

Step 2. REGISTER. My site e-mails you a link to a custom gallery, which lets you save your favorite photos. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY BACK TO YOUR FAVORITES.

Step 3. Choose the show you want. I divide the shows by production and by sequence. For instance, Classical Ballet Academy's Nutcracker will have Show A, B, C, D - four different galleries. You can sort through all four shows and click the heart under the photos to save the photo to your gallery.

Remember the link is in your e-mail!

Step 4. Once you've gathered all your favorite photos into your favorites gallery you may purchase the entire gallery download from the purchase button. If you have 1 photo or 100 photos it costs the same. If you do not do this and you purchase individual photos from the main gallery and it exceeds the cost of an entire gallery purchase I will not be refunding the difference, takes way too much time. You may also purchase prints and other items from my store. You can combine photos from different shows into one gallery, but may not combine different productions or different academies into one gallery. For instance, you can't add Nutcracker and Spring shows together, but you may add Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol together. 

Got it?? :) 

It's easy, promise. Contact me with any issues.

A note about "In Studio Dress Rehearsals"

They're free to download. Why? Cuz' I'm nice like that. Let's everyone have a chance to have some photos, post them on IG or Facebook, or whatever that snap thing is, and hopefully advertise for the academies as well. Of course I'd certainly appreciate tagging @cascadiaballetproject when you post! 

Also free are in-studio practice sessions I shoot - usually just from me testing new equipment or learning the dances, feel free to download.

Are you a studio or company that would like me to photograph your next production? 

Hit the contact button, let's chat!

Academy & Company Folders

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