Ballet Portraiture

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Sooo.. what is Ballet portraiture anyways?

This is a truly unique experience where we will capture the elegance and beauty of dance. I seek out locations and surroundings that compliment your style and personality and use this environment to add a dramatic feel to your photos. Maybe it's utilizing the juxtaposition of a city so you stand out of the crowd, celebrating your uniqueness; or the quiet of the forests, power of the coast, or peaceful tranquility of a sunset. Location sessions with me will be more than just how high you can jump, or how flexible you are, but rather creating works of art that highlight your skill and dedication, as well as the beauty of both yourself and the art form you practice.

I use the beauty of natural light combined with the subtle power of high-speed strobes to capture fast action and illuminate against the sun. Combined with a shallow depth of field your dance will be the primary focus of these photographs.

Location Dance Portrait Session info:

2-3 hour session (avg) - sometimes longer? Sometimes shorter... it's hard to say. I'm usually up for any location, though I prefer ones where there are not big crowds. If you want to shoot in the city I highly suggest doing so in the early morning or closer to sunset. I don't typically suggest wardrobe, I leave that up to you - you know best what you like and what you look good in.
My personal favorite photos usually involve long dresses/skirts as it adds a bit of dramatic motion to the images.

All photos are hosted in a hi-res version that you can buy prints from and a gallery of smaller photos for social media.

Studio Sessions:

Studio sessions depend on the availability of the studio space I use.  As such, this may not be available on request, or may require planning a shoot a bit further out. FYI These photos generally  take much longer to edit as well. 


Aside from Portland I shoot in  Victoria Canada, as well as Vancouver, and Seattle of course. If you want me to travel further (Please make me travel! haha) I'll go anywhere I get enough interest. Generally, I require 10 dancers signed up to photograph to travel out of state.

Ballet Studios:

I'm available for group studio sessions, location settings, marketing, rehearsal, and performance photography. Contact me to discuss how I can best serve your studio.

**Parent or guardian must be present at the shoot if under 18yrs**

Ballet Portrait Folders...

Galleries may not be visible after a year. Galleries are located inside your folders. 

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